quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

Um jovem poeta apaixonado

O jovem Marx apaixonado pela namorada Jenny  declara, em versos, que poderia preencher milhares de volumes escrevendo apenas Jenny, em cada linha. E encerra proclamando que “Amor é Jenny, Jenny é o nome do amor”. Veja a tradução para o ingles.
See! I could a thousand volumes fill,
    Writing only “Jenny” in each line,
Still they would a world of thought conceal,
Deed eternal and unchanging Will,
Verses sweet that yearning gently still,
    All the glow and all the ether’s shine,
    Anguished sorrow’s pain and joy divine,
    All of Life and Knowledge that is mine.
I can read it in the stars up younger,
    From the Zephyr it comes back to me,
From the being of the wild waves’ thunder.
Truly, I would write it down as a refrain,
    For the coming centuries to see —

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